The Beacon Hotels : Stylish and welcoming

Stylish and welcoming, Washington DC’s Capital Hotels and Suites Beacon Hotel & Corporate Quarters creates an experience tailored to fit the luxury and boutique lifestyle of both family leisure and business travelers. A place where guests can enjoy exceptional hospitality and lodging accommodations in an convivial and comfortable setting near the White House, Dupont Circle, Embassy Row and downtown Washington DC tourist attractions.

The Beacon Hotel & Corporate Quarters reflects the diverse architectural landscape of its surrounding community. In 2004 the Beacon Hotel was expanded and recreated with a new contemporary design combining cosmopolitan style with an urban appeal and a touch of tradition for good measure. Rich exotic woods, marble, and stainless steel finishes augment the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows and inviting alcoves to create a seductive elegance throughout the hotel. The newly added upscale turret suites featuring rounded bedrooms, as well as New York-inspired studio suites were part of the recreation.


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