10 Super Creative And Unique Web Designer 2012

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Show and tell

What’s the goal of having a portfolio? Of course, recognizability and nomination for web awards is important but most of the guys out there have a portfolio because they want to attract new costumers. Ask yourself what’s the best way to do it. Again beautiful eyes might work but I bet they’re still going to be interested in what you can actually do. If you look at the websites collected below you can see that a lot of them have large thumbnails, nice descriptions and plenty of space for viewing the project from a-z. Portfolio is for showcasing your work. Think about the best ways of doing it. Or simply check out the websites below.

Single page

Your portfolio doesn’t have to contain information about your credit line or political views (of course, it might be so). So a lot of portfolios in this article are built-in single page where navigation is powered by some type of accordion. Simple, easily browsable and efficient. You and your work. Still remember when people tried doing these things with flash.


Finally when browsers (sorry IE) more or less support CSS3 it’s time for those crazy developers to shine. Huge headlines, beautiful fonts and catchy slogans. Be creative and present yourself.


It all comes together. You can find only dark schemed websites in the list (dark doesn’t exclude minimalism). Whitespace is still trendy, I guess. Simple, clean, with clear message presented in beautiful type. That’s how designer portfolios look at the moment.


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